Business owners are always looking at the bottom line and how to cut expenses. Storage for your business is one great way to save.  With the high cost of leasing space for your office, retail, or just additional room for supplies, a simple way to solve your business storage needs is with Highway 41 Self-Storage.

Every business needs a place to store inventory, supplies, or other items that support your daily goals in growing your business. Some of our business clients include:


Pharmaceutical companies, as well as individual salesmen and representatives, need a place to store their samples.


Businesses offering professional painting services can utilize a space to store paint sprayers, air compressors, ladders, and other items for their business needs. Paint itself cannot be stored in a unit as it is flammable.


Landscapers have some very important tools for their business which needs to be stored carefully. At Highway 41 Self Storage, these tools are accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our units allow your business to run multiple teams to come and go as they need for each specific job.


Allowing as much space as possible for your customer’s dining is important to maximize profits for a restaurant owner. Highway 41 Self Storage is a clean and safe place to store appliances, tables, chairs, linens, and silverware for banquets and event use.


Businesses that use a commercial kitchen for their work to keep costs down.  Highway 41 has 24 hour, seven days a week of easy access to self storage units to store all of your supplies and equipment.


Perhaps the most classic example of a business storage user are the owners and operators of retail spaces. A typical mall can have more than one hundred individual stores and shops, and each of them need someplace to put their stock and the tools of their trade. A good storage facility is just the place.


Highway 41 is a great central location serving Gurnee, Waukegan and Park City.  Keep your supplies in an easy access 24 hour facility. Store your signs, flyers, door locks and other supplies that your group needs.

General Business Use

Small businesses can store files and legal documents that need to be saved, but they can take up a lot of space. Highway 41 has indoor storage units to protect from extreme temperatures and can be easily accessed if needed.

Commercial storage has a vast array of uses, but it is important to pick a quality establishment beforehand for best results. In fact, the list provided above hardly scratches the surface in terms of a storage unit’s possible uses – a storage unit’s role and stored contents are as variable as the users themselves.


To learn more about how 41 Self Storage can help keep your valuables tidy, secure, and ready for you when you’re ready for them, give us a call today!